Volclay Waterproofing System

A complete below-ground waterproofing encapsulation, The Volclay® Waterproofing System consists of products that are based on or utilise the unique properties of natural Sodium Bentonite as the principle waterproofing component.  Sodium Bentonite is a clay-like, inorganic and non-toxic, natural mineral known for its absorption, expansion, cohesion and sealing characteristics.

Unlike competitor look-alike products, that offer only a single membrane for the diverse and challenging below-grade waterproofing environment, the Volclay® Waterproofing System is based on two membranes, namely Swelltite® and Voltex®, with other top-quality accessory products to complete the system.

Swelltite is used on the outside of walls, plaza decks and Voltex is used under slabs and footings and bonding too pre cast panels. The ability of these two products to readily lap-join to both themselves and each other is especially important at critical junctions of walls and floors giving the structure a fully encapsulated waterproofed envelope.

Where applicable, the strip material Waterstop-RX provides a waterproof seal to construction joints and breaks in concrete continuity.  It is installed between separate concrete pours, for example when sealing a floor slab to a wall and its footings.

Cetcoat has many uses in construction work.  For new construction it proves ideal on exterior walls, continuing the waterproofing barrier up under the bottom edge of the wall cladding.

These products form the base of the Volclay System of which Elephant New Zealand Ltd. proudly is an approved applicator.

When hydrated in an unconfined condition, Volclay products have a natural tendency to swell ten, to fifteen times its dry volume.  Due to this expansion, the material connects to the adjacent lapped material, be it Swelltite or Voltex, to create a continuous impervious barrier.  However, when constrained against a below-grade foundation’s exterior, the material’s swell-capacity is restricted and it transforms into a thick, water-impermeable gel.  When hydrated and confined below-grade, the product will not dry out, but will remain hydrated and waterproof for the life of the building as documented by PVA, in the UK, and BRANZ.

These products do not require site concrete, can be applied in virtually any weather, can be applied directly to green, uncured concrete and do not demand unrealistic protection.  Thus they offer greater performance, durability and economy.  Used together, these products have been independently tested and found to withstand at least 60 metres of hydrostatic pressure, with Voltex on its own capable of withstanding 70 metres.

The Volclay® Waterproofing System also includes membranes for both contaminated water and saline water conditions, and is increasingly being used on back-filled foundation walls, slab-on-grade, plaza decks, earth-covered grooves, tunnels and more.  It is also the only Bentonite system approved for both plaza decks and masonry block walls.

Not only does The Volclay® Waterproofing System meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code, but it is also BRANZ Appraised.  Add to that a Manufacturer’s Warranty when applied as specified, and a Producer Statement for NZ Council requirements, and all interested parties can rest assured of the superb quality of this system.

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